Examples of Reports and Dashboards with Power BI

Hello there, how are you? In this article I would like to share with you some examples of reports that I built up these last few months. They are dashboards from diverse areas. Reports of Sales x Target Report developed in the In-Company training of the Business module and also in Power BI Complete Online […]


Hi guys! Since today is my birthday, the lesson will be a little different than usual. So, I can’t be live with you, but I prepared a special gift for you: a recording of a class from my Power BI eXperience course!! In this lesson we talk about Dax Table functions such as: Calculate table […]

Use Composite Models with Aggregations instead of DirectQuery only

Hi guys! In this lesson I will show the different ways to connect to databases, and also why you should avoid using Direct Query only. Instead of this, you can use composite models where you have aggregate tables in import mode and also detailed tables in DirectQuery. All my videos tend to be longer than […]

Advanced DAX with CALCULATE: The Most POWERFUL Function in DAX.

Hey guys! Welcome back to our weekly lesson. Today we will talk about percentage. Advanced DAX with the CALCULATE function. This is the most important function in the DAX Language and the most powerful. So, you need to understand how it works to perform advanced calculations in Power BI. This lesson will only be available […]

How to Clean and Transform MESSY Data using Power Query in Power BI!

Hi Guys! Glad to have you back here! In this lesson I will talk about Data Preparation and Transformation. I will teach you how to transform a messy table into a structured table using Power Query. Before we start with our lesson, don’t forget to enroll to the Power BI Week. A free and online […]

Storytelling and the ART of building IMPRESSIVE Dashboards in Power BI

Hi Guys! Welcome back! In this lesson I will talk about Data Visualization and Storytelling. I will give you 9 recommendations to create more interactive dashboards, by changing background, colors, aligning the visual and more! All my videos tend to be longer than normal because I like to dig deeper into the subject so you […]

From ZERO to Dashboard: How to Automate your Reports with Power BI

Today I am excited to announce my new project called “Power BI Lessons”. I will publish a new video every Thursday about a different topic on Power BI. In this first video I will teach how to build your first dashboard from zero, step by step. I’m going to present a method that has 7 […]

Definitive Guide on RELATIONSHIPS between tables and Data Modeling

Hey guys, how are you doing? Today’s post is about Live # 35, where I talked all about relationships between tables and data modeling. So, follow along and I’m sure I’ll clear up a lot of doubts you have on a daily basis about the topics. 7 Pillars Within Power BI projects development we have […]

Visual Resources to IMPRESS: Tooltip + Drill Down + Drill-Through

Hi there! How are you?! Today’s content will show you how to use some amazing visual features of Power BI ! We will give practical examples of how to use: Tooltip; Drill Down and Drill-Through These three resources serve to provide extra information about something and detail its analysis. Database To exemplify the use of […]


Hey guys! How are you doing?! Wish to increase your knowledge arsenal about DAX? Do you seek to stop creating workarounds for numerical set intersections? I will show you examples of real application for each of these functions: CALCULATETABLE, INTERSECT, EXCEPT, TREATAS, IN, and much more! An important note: Today’s content is for those at […]