Mission #05


Finally, we were able to show the relevance of our project and we conquered the main people involved in the operation here: Pedro, João Paulo and Afonso, Brazil CEO. As Afonso had pointed out, they took our project to the American headquarters, which considered the initiative interesting.

The focus now is to seek to close a global project with HPN. A relevant fact is that, without the partnership with the matrix, the access to the database will remain restricted, which makes it difficult even to continue a project with the operation in Brazil.

To achieve our goal, our mission is to show the U.S. headquarters that we can work with data from all distribution centers in the world, not just Brazil. Our playing field continues to be B2B sales, but now with data from all customer bases.

The structure of the database sent by the U.S. headquarters is similar to Mission #01, but has an extra table, which is the Returns table, since the U.S. and Canada distribution centers offer the option of returning some products within 15 days after delivery to the customer.

We need to make a good impression. Then, more than ever, design will be indispensable. Do your best and create a layout that will impress them. Let’s do this!