About the client

Heavy Power Nutrition is a multinational food supplement company founded by brothers Matt and Keaven Windsor. Initially, they opened a store in 2005 for reselling products of other brands. However, in 2008, they bought a small factory of supplements, creating HPN.

The company's headquarter is based in Seattle, Washington State (USA), with Distribution Centers spread throughout other regions of the United States, as well as Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Brazil.

The Distribution Centers outside the American territory are responsible for importing the products, which come exclusively from the factory in the USA. They are the ones that realize the sales in the countries in which they are based.

Besides the B2B (Business to Business) operation with gym sales, supplement store and department stores, HPN sells directly to the end consumer through its official website.

For further information visit the website: https://heavypowernutrition.com/

Brazilian Operation

The Distribution Center in Brazil is located in São Paulo (SP), from where it sends the products to the whole country.

Currently, the company's departments are comprised of 4 managers directly linked to the CEO Brazil.

Status of the Negotiation

Our consulting contract is in the trial period, in a closed agreement with the Sales and Marketing Management, through the manager Pedro Ozaski, who initiated the contact with our team through LinkedIn. Pedro is in charge of the whole Demand Generation Department, B2B Sales and Online Sales.

The priority focus of the project will be on the data generated by the B2B Sales area, which deals directly with the resales of the products throughout Brazil (gyms, supplement stores and department stores).

Area of project focus: Commercial, B2B Sales.

Pedro Ozaski, Sales and Marketing Management

Afonso Gomes, Brazil CEO


Like other companies, Heavy Power Nutrition has a great challenge at the moment of following its indicators for decision making.

Pedro told us that he is very unsatisfied with the delay in receiving the sales reports that are developed in the B2B area. Although the teams use Excel spreadsheets to monitor the flows of the 5 regions in Brazil, he realizes that great part of the work still occurs in a manual and not very efficient way.

During the Kick-off meeting we realized that he is a person who wants to change this scenario and wants to make HPN a more analytical company, with a global solution using Power BI.

We have commented with him that this type of transformation involves a change in culture, with the goal to build a Data-Driven company. Besides, it would have to involve a longer and more complex project together with IT, so that we could create a proper structure to support this solution.

Next Steps

Pedro perfectly understood that a more robust project would take longer and he has led the negotiation to the Brazilian CEO, Afonso Gomes, who requested some proofs of concept (POC) to evaluate our work and see the potential of our solution.

Let's start by showing them our potential connecting in a spreadsheet extracted from the system, to change the process of creating and analyzing reports from manual to "semi-automatic".

Both Afonso and Pedro informed us that, if they like the solution, the project could extend to other areas of the company, including the headquarters in the USA, where we would get involved with the company's IT team to create all the necessary structure and make the project 100% automated, extracting the data directly from the company's database.

But first we need to show that we are the best BI analysts and consultants in the world delivering some missions to Pedro.

See you at the first mission!